Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear Golden Review

Hi there!
       Today I am going to be talking about this polish that i am in love with for Fall! I picked it up at Target just about a week ago. Since Fall was just around the corner, I was looking for a couple new nail polishes. When i saw it on the shelf i thought it was the perfect color i was looking for! It is Sally Hansen's, Extreme Wear nail polish called "Golden", and it was only 2.50$. It is a brilliantly, beautiful gold polish, but the thing is not like ordinary gold nail polishes, because it has so many highlights and low lights to it. It has so many tones to it and it just makes you feel so warm and cozy when it's on your nails. If your looking for an extraordinary nail polish for Fall then this is the one to get! You can find it at Target, Walmart, or your local drugstore!


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